Technical Documentation


The ICC-ES Evaluation Report demonstrates to the installer and code official that our LOK fasteners comply with the most current building codes. This report also provides the engineer with critical values needed to design safe installations. Reports from ICC-ES are the most recognized reports used by code officials across the U.S. This document can be shared with code officials, engineers, architects and specifiers who may have questions regarding proper use or code compliance of LOK fasteners.

ICC-ES Report, ESR-1078

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Technical Evaluation Reports (TERs)

TERs document code compliance through task specific testing of our LOK fasteners.  Relying on the most recognized standards (such as ASTM), test reports that comply with IBC Section 104.11.1 are developed for use by building officials and specifiers to approve critical LOK applications.  The following TERs summarize our products’ code compliance. To receive engineer stamped TERs by state, please visit the DrJ website.

FlatLOK TER 1503-01 (Canada - Limit States Design)
FlatLOK TER 1611-01 Ledger Connection to Stud
FlatLOK TER 1501-08 (ASD)
FrameFAST TER 1503-03
FrameFAST TER 1608-02 (Canada)
HeadLOK Rigid Foam to Wood Framing (TER 1009-01)
HeadLOK Top Plate and Bottom Plate to Stud (TER 1201-01)
LedgerLOK Deck Ledger to Rim Joist (TER 1203-03)
LedgerLOK TER 1412-01 (Canada - Limit States Design)
TimberLOK Drag Strut to Wall Plate (TER 1306-01)
TimberLOK Gable Truss to Top Plate (TER 1304-02)
TimberLOK Top Plate Roll (TER 1308-05)
TimberLOK Truss and Rafter to Top Plate (TER 1105-02)
TimberLOK Wall to Rim Joist (TER 1306-05)
ThruLOK Pole Barn Header (TER 1308-11)

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Technical Bulletins

FastenMaster Technical Bulletins serve as easy-to-follow instructions when using LOK fasteners in our most common applications. These bulletins include specific fastening patterns, critical design details and restricted uses based on the data from our Evaluation Reports. Technical bulletins efficiently guide both the installer and inspector to a code-compliant connection.

Cortex Trim Technical Bulletin
ThruLOK Deck Carrying Beam to Support Post

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Detail Drawings

LOK Detail Drawings (.dwg)

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Hot Melt Construction Adhesives

FLEX40 Safety Data Sheet
FLEX180 Safety Data Sheet

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS): Hot Melt Adhesives

U1405 Safety Data Sheet
U2101 Safety Data Sheet
U93034 Safety Data Sheet
UX1012, UX1012-15 & UX1012BX Safety Data Sheet
UX1210 Safety Data Sheet
UX1322-15 Safety Data Sheet
UX1322-15BX Safety Data Sheet
UX1402-BX Safety Data Sheet
UX14055 Safety Data Sheet
UX14058 Safety Data Sheet
UX1502LM-BX Safety Data Sheet
UXR2101 Safety Data Sheet

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