Cortex Driller Hidden System for Steel Deck Framing

Cortex Driller Hidden Fastening System is the fastest, easiest way to hide the heads of fasteners on deck boards used on steel deck framing. Perfect for use on perimeter boards, stairs and breaker boards to create a completely hidden fastened deck.

The 1-5/8” 410 stainless steel fastener requires no predrilling. Simply drive the fastener to create a clean, cored hole. Then, gently tap in the plug made of the same decking material to create a fastener-free surface.

Available in 100 lineal foot boxes, complete with 224 screws, 300 plugs, and 2 setting tools per package. Fastener and plug performance is guaranteed for the life of the project.

Cortex Driller is available for all colors of Trex Transcend decking. Special order colors are available by calling FastenMaster.

Cortex Drillers without plugs: Cortex Drillers are now available in packages with bits and screws only, without plugs. To special order the deck plugs needed specifically for your project, please contact us directly at 1-800-518-3569.

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 Trex Elevation*
Vintage Lantern FMCTXD-TX1LFTSVL

*For special orders call 800-518-3569

Using one of the drills listed below and the Cortex setting tool, drive the Cortex fastener to the preset level below the deck surface. Continuously drive the fastener at one speed until the setting tool disengages on its own. Do not stop and start the drive as this may affect the finished appearance. It is important that the Cortex screw is driven perpendicular to the deck, with two screws per joist. The setting of the Cortex screw creates a cored hole in the deck surface. Place the Cortex engineered plug into the hole with the deck surface side up. Gently tap the plug into the cored hole until the plug is flush with the deck surface.

Suggested drills:

  • Corded drill with 1⁄2" chuck
  • Cordless drill with 1⁄2" chuck and 18V battery
  • Impact driver
  1. Using the setting tool, drive the fastener to the preset level below the deck surface. It must be driven perpendicular to the deck, with two screws per joist.
  2. Place the plug into the cored hole and gently tap until it is flush with the deck surface.

NOTE: To get a smooth finished look, it may be necessary to predrill a 5⁄32" pilot hole through the deck board. No need to predrill the steel framing.

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