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Hot Melt Operating Tips


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Tips For Applying Hot Melt Adhesive

  • » Always clean the substrates you are bonding. Hot melt adhesive does not bond to dust, and a dusty or soiled substrate will compromise the integrity of the bond.
  • » If you are working with metal, make sure the surface of the metal is not oily or greasy. Some metals will have an oily or greasy surface left over from the manufacturing process. If so, clean the surface with a solvent before hot melt is applied.
  • » Do not exceed the operating temperature range of the hot melt. Doing so will burn the adhesive, damaging both the adhesive and the dispensing equipment.
  • » In general, the viscosity (the ability of the hot melt to flow freely) is related to the temperature of the hot melt. The higher the temperature, the higher the viscosity. If a hot melt is flowing too slowly, raise its temperature as long as you are within the operating temperature range.
  • » EVA hot melts cover a wide spectrum of applications, but some of the general applications for EVAs include packaging and wood applications. Polyolefins are more specialized hot melts, and are also used in a wide variety of applications including fabric, metal and foam. Polyamides have high heat resistance and are used in applications such as electrical potting and manufacturing circuit boards. Reactive hot melts have the highest tensile strength and heat resistance of any hot melts. They are used in specialty applications as well as applications where the products are exposed to extreme temperatures.

Best Practices for HB700 Tools

These tips will maximize the efficiency of the tool’s performance:

  • » Always use protective gloves when using the tool to prevents burns.
  • » To turn the HB 700K on press and hold the top right hand button on the right side of the digital display on the bottom of the handle.
  • » After turning the HB 700K on, hold down the set button and up arrow key to set your operating temperature 250-284F.
  • » When using the HB 700K tool always keep the tool nozzle pointed downward; never use the tool in a level or up position.
  • » Never attempt to open or operate the HB 700 tool until it has reached the operating temperature (HOT). The Lid will break if opened cold.
  • » Do not close the cartridge lid until the polyurethane adhesive cartridge is hot. The cartridge will puncture easier when hot.
  • » Do not use the tool above the operating temperature of the polyurethane adhesive 266-284F.
  • » Use the tongs that come with the tool when removing the cartridge.
  • » Keep the tool pointed upwards when removing the cartridge to keep any adhesive from dripping back into the nozzle.
  • » The HB 700 must be purged with purge cleaner U7588 when you finish using the tool for the day!
  • » The U7588 purge cleaner is a blue color, and you must purge the tool for 3-5 minutes to remove the adhesive.
  • » Failure to purge the tool will void your warranty and make the tool un-usable. Must be repaired and parts replaced.
  • » Leave the purge cartridge in the tool overnight. The next morning, run a little purge through the tool again before inserting the adhesive cartridge.
  • » If you do not use the entire cartridge of adhesive place a strip of duct tape over the back of the cartridge and cover the cartridge tip with a lithium grease or Vaseline so that the adhesive cartridge is air tight to prevent any premature drying of adhesive making it unusable. This procedure will allow you to utilize the entire adhesive cartridge.
  • » Avoid dropping the HB 700K tool as it can break. See Tool Stand in Hand Held Brochure in the above attachment. PAM Fastening takes no responsibility for irresponsible use of products. Products should only be used as outlined in the respective operating manual.

Best Practices for HB700KD PUR Tools

  • » Read the HB 700KD operating manual on tool usage procedures.
  • » Practice prior to first plant application. For trials & practice even a small/portable air compressor (min 135 PSI, 2 cubic feet/minute) from a Big Box store will support the HB700KD The HB 700KD uses a ¼” male air connection on the air service regulator (adjustable to 87 PSI/6 bar maximum pressure).
  • » Have available the proper equipment-HB 700KD, U7588 purge cleaner, cartridge pre-heater, gloves, tongs, Dow Corning high temperature grease, duct tape.
  • » Protect the PUR cartridges from dropping or damage.
  • » Set temperature on the HB 700KD at 305˚F. (The tool has an adjustable temperature range from 104˚F-410˚F, )
  • » The PUR must heat up for 15-20 minutes prior to application (use cartridge pre-heater if available). Failure to heat 15-20 minutes causes a poor extrusion production.
  • » Place the PUR cartridge gently in the HB 700KD to prevent premature puncture.
  • » Make a solid puncture when closing the 700KD lid.
  • » Perform Trial or Application.
  • » After completion and before removing the PUR cartridge disconnect the air pressure, open the lid, and using gloves and tongs to grip cartridge, turn the HB 700KD upside down and hold for 1 minute to let the PUR drip back into the cartridge before removing.
  • » Using catridge preheater to preheat, insert warm U7588 purge cleaner into the 700KD, puncture and extrude for 2-3 minutes.
  • » If there is extra PUR left in the cartridge use the Dow Corning high temperature grease on the PUR cartridge nipple, covered with duct tape to allow use of the cartridge within a day or two.