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High Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun Now Available in an Extrusion Model

High Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun Now Available in an Extrusion Model

HB 710 HT

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — An updated version of its high temperature hot melt glue gun designed for use with EVA, polyolefin and other pressure sensitive high temperature adhesives in a variety of industries and applications is now available from PAM Fastening Technology, Inc. Updates include several changes to simplify the tool to improve its performance and ease of maintenance.

Available in an extrusion model, the HB 710 HT from PAM Fastening hot melt glue gun can be used in dot, bead and film applications. A micro-processor controlled and automatic temperature reduction system delivers optimum amounts of adhesives on heat sensitive materials. High temperature insulation and specially designed nozzles allow maintenance of desired temperature throughout operation.

A short response time between the trigger release and hot melt discharge assures quick yet safe application when required without waiting. Key to the tool’s performance is the pneumatic assistance given to adhesive application.

The gun is ideal for use in a variety of industries including packaging, automotive, electrical components, furniture and textiles.

Features of the HB 710 HT

The high temperature HB 710 HT hot melt gun from PAM Fastening has an ergonomically shaped handle to help eliminate fatigue and a single-handed bayonet
closure for comfort. 

The gun’s integrated digital temperature and control feature ensures temperature accuracy within +/- 2° F and continuously adjusts the temperature from 104°F to 482°F to meet required application requirements. A melt tank in the gun stores up to 6.8 oz of hot adhesives for fast and safe application. The gun is capable of discharging up to 7 pounds of hot melt per hour.

The pneumatically assisted extrusion tool has a 600 Watt heating element that uses 120 Volts of power and consumes 2.1 cfm of air.

The spray gun weighs 3 lb for extrusion applications. A wire stand is included as standard with a work station or tool stand optional.

About PAM Fastening

With over 26 years of experience, PAM Fastening Technology is an innovative supplier of applicators for a wide variety of bonding and sealing applications. PAM’s hot melt applicators include a full line of industrial quality glue stick guns and pneumatic bulk glue guns and adhesives. Corporate and research offices are located in Charlotte, NC.

PAM is also a leader in autofeed screw gun and framing technologies.

PAM’s tools are used in a variety of industries including home construction and remodeling, cabinet and furniture assembly, manufactured housing and industrial packaging. The company also offers a diverse line of frame assembly equipment and accessories for the framing and hobby industries.