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Hot Melt Brochures

View our Hot Melt brochures. All brochures are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader to view. 


HB 190 1/2" General Purpose

HB 190 Brochure 

HB 220 1/2" General Purpose

HB 220 Brochure 

HB 320 3/4" High Temperature

HB 320 Brochure 

HB 700KD Spray/Extrusion

HB 700KD Brochure 

HB 700 Spray/Extrusion

HB 700 Brochure 

HB 710 Spray/Extrusion

HB 710 Brochure 

HB 700 High Temperature Extrusion

HB 700 High Temperature Brochure 

Cartridge Preheater

Cartridge Preheater Brochure 

Tool Stand

Tool Stand Brochure 

UX8012/PAMTite & HB220

UX8012/PAMTite & HB220 Tips and Tricks 
PAMTite & HB220 Features & Benefits 

Visit our manuals page to download the manual or parts list manual for your Hot Melt Applicator.